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Will Apple Repair My iPhone For Free? Here’s What You Can Do.

Apple Repair My iPhone For Free

In this article, we will go through the numerous insurance and replacement programs available, those set up by Apple! Also, your legal rights and alternatives for each type of damage or incident that may have occurred to your smartphone. If you are an Apple user experiencing this problem for the first time, then we’re here to answer Will Apple Repair My iPhone For Free?

You may lean towards third parties for the repair because they are generally cheaper in cases where you have run out of warranty. Before getting to the details, let’s clear some misconceptions. You may have heard that Apple does not repair any iPhone that has been repaired by a third-party repairer before. If you want to reduce the repair expense to a minimum, this may irritate you. To help you, in this article, we will look at two instances. One, Apple has been accused of discouraging customers from using third-party replacements and denying further future services:  These include problems around the screen and the batter of the iPhones. Keep reading to learn more.

Replacement or Repair?

Since you have spent so much money on your iPhone, many people expect Apple to replace their iPhone once you break it. Although an unusual way of thinking – most Apple consumers tend to think like that. People appear to have high expectations about the iPhone because when you sign up for a year or two on a contract, you want the phone to survive the entire period.

If you are lucky and the iPhone is still under warranty, you are safe. Another alternative is getting yourself phone insurance if you often tend to damage your phone. If you have insurance, you have a better chance of receiving a replacement or, at the very least, a repair.

Insurance and Repair Programs

In countries like the United Kingdom and the United States, a service set up by Apple itself known as AppleCare+ is the company’s insurance system for damaged or lost phones. Apple’s two-year coverage ranges from £79/$79 for the iPhone SE to £199/$199 for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Apple will replace or repair an iPhone that has been accidentally damaged if you have this insurance. You only get two replacement chances, and there’s a risk you’ll be charged an additional price as well — £25 to $29 for screen damage and £79/$99 for other damage. For theft and loss, the price may go up to $149 in the United States.

A good choice is to keep a lookout at the services that Apple currently offers. There are currently 20 services like these running, under which Apple may repair your phone – and in some cases, even for free. Here are some of the most commonly used services by Apple customers in recent years:

  •   iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Service Program for No Sound Issues. This is a common issue.

Apple has discovered that a limited number of iPhones may have a receiver module component failure. Between October 2020 and April 2021, the affected devices were manufactured.

  •   Smart Battery Case Replacement Program for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. Some Smart Battery Cases for the models such as iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR may have charging troubles, like not charging or charging irregularly when put into power,
  •   iPhone X Display Module Replacement Program for Touch Issues. Due to a component failure, some iPhone X screens may develop touch difficulties, leading to the display not being responsive to touch or registering as if it was touched when it wasn’t.
  •   USB Power Adapter Takeback Program. Is your cable or charger damaged? This program allows you to bring counterfeit (or any third-party charger) iPhone, iPad, and iPod adapters to Apple and exchange them for a genuine charger for the special $10 price.
  •   iPhone 8 Logic Board Replacement Program. This is related to a logic board failure, which can cause iPhones to reboot, freeze, or even brick.
  •   iPhone 7 Repair Program for “No Service” Issues. Even though specific iPhone 7 devices may show “No Service” in cellular service due to a logic board malfunction. This affects iPhones purchased in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macao, and the United States between September 2016 and February 2018.
  •   iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus Service Program for No Power Issues. Is your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus not turning on? It might be eligible for a free fix if it was bought between October 2018 and August 2019.

These are not all but some of the common issues experienced by Apple users. For better or worse, we would suggest looking at Apple’s official website to see if they update their programs and resources.

At the end of the day, the question “Does Apple repair iPhone for free?” really depends on how your phone was damaged and if they meet the criteria in their terms.

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How To Repair Phone Scratches: Here Are Some Ways

How To Repair Phone Scratches

Phone scratches are unavoidable because they always travel with your keys or objects that poke and slide the screen. If not, then a few slippages might have resulted in a few scratches. While large scratches require a cover replacement to prevent any further damage, there are small ones that can be dealt with quickly. So, how to repair phone scratches? Let’s find out.


Toothpaste appears to be a miraculous remedy that’s too good to be true because it’s cheap and easy to get. Don’t let that deceive you. Many experiments show that toothpaste leaves a squeaky clean, yet scratched screen.

So, how does it work? Toothpaste is an excellent solution for repairing plastic scratches. You have to ensure that the toothpaste is an actual one and not gel-based for it to work. Apply a small dab and move in a circular motion with a polishing cloth.

Baking Soda

A baking soda paste has abrasive properties similar to toothpaste. Again this works perfectly well on plastic screen protectors. If you want, you may make a paste using baking soda and utilize it in the same way. The mixture has to be two parts baking soda and one part water for the abrasion effect.

Be gentle when using the paste because it has a texture similar to wet sandpaper. You don’t want to wear the rest of your screen. Cornstarch is another alternative if you don’t have baking soda. The instructions are the same.

Phones With A Glass Screen

How to repair phone scratches on glass screens? In this case, using a heavier substance than toothpaste and baking soda will be ideal. The recommended product is cerium oxide polish which can be found in powder or pre-mixed form.

To use this:

  • Mix 100 g of the cerium oxide powder into a slurry.
  • Cover all the open spots before applying to the scratches because you don’t want the mixture to run into your internal components.
  • Apply a small dab and move in a circular motion with a polishing cloth.


Superglue, epoxy, and other clear glues can come in handy to patch in scratches on your phone’s screen. Tape the scratches area to prevent the glue from pouring into unwanted sections. Apply a thin coat of glue to the scratches and use credit cards to smooth the glue into the gaps carefully. After the glue has dried, wipe off the excess with a cotton that is coated with nail polish remover.

Car Scratch Removal Creams

Like all products mentioned earlier, this needs to be used in a moderate amount. Creams like 3M Wax or Turtle Wax are effective ones. Just apply a small amount on a polishing cloth and wipe the screen in a circular motion. Remove any slight residue, and your phone looks as new as when you first brought it.


Erasers have proven as excellent items for removing scratches. Yes, the erasers you use to erase your pencil marks, like the ones on the back of your pencil. You need to rub the scratch with the eraser for 60 seconds left and right, then 60 seconds up and down. The eraser softens and fills in the scratch because the friction softens it.


For this option, go for the least abrasive type. Press softly and lightly to remove any scratches.

This is a good option to remove scratches from the phone’s shell and works lightly on the phone’s main screen.

Purchase A New Protector

If you have small scratches on the screen protector, purchasing a new protector is another option you can go for. Screen protectors will not remove scratches, but they will make them practically unnoticeable.

This is a great and safe choice for covering light scratches, but not severe ones. Luckily, they don’t cost much, and they’ll be far less expensive than replacing your phone or screen if the damage is severe.

Professional Phone Repair Service Provider

If none of the options mentioned above work and the scratches are pretty big that you can’t hide them, it is best to reach out to a nearby professional phone repair provider.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have found the answer to your question, “how to repair phone scratches?” You also need to remember that there are different types of scratches that require different remedies.

Professional repairers are always available if you can’t fix them at home or if your scratches are too deep. Don’t delay if that’s the case. As for minor scratches, always go for a new screen protector.

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Phone VS Laptop: Which One Is Harder To Repair?

Phone VS Laptop

In an era of technological advancement, it’s hard to imagine a single day without smart electronic devices. They’re like your 24/7 companion, the “mobile phone,” or your multi-faceted best friend in times of need, your “laptop.” Admittedly, as they are both electrical devices, they decided to break down one day. What do you do? Getting your phone or laptop repaired can be really puzzling since it’s hard to live a day without such electronics. But which one takes longer to repair? A phone or laptop? Read find out in our article Phone VS Laptop to know more.

Have you ever wondered which one of these gadgets is more complex to repair? A phone or a laptop? A general look will tell you repairing a laptop is much more complicated and expensive than repairing a mobile phone. Although different in size and structure, the microelectronic component in mobiles and laptops is very similar. However, customers tend to have more issues with their laptops than their mobile phones.

This may be because most customers regularly change mobile phones, particularly when a new model. Meanwhile, it can be seen people tend to use their laptops for a much longer time than they use their mobile phones, averaging somewhere between 3 years to a maximum of 7 years.

Repairers claim at least a hundred or so every day people visit them with various levels of problems with their laptops and mobile phones. Whi8le some ultimately are fatal and may need replacement, here are some of the common issues that can be fixed.

Some of the most common problems with laptops are as follows:

  •     Dust accumulation between chagrin ports and keyboards. Professional cleaning is required to get rid of this dust completely.
  •     Internal disk cleaning and setting up strong firewall protection. To protect the laptop from viruses. Removing viruses from your computer is also essential.
  •     Configuration and installation of a new laptop. This is mainly applicable to laptops that use the Windows operating system.
  •     Chagrin cable replacement and hard drive repair is other common issue.

Meanwhile, the most common problems with smartphones are:

  •     Replacement of the phone screen and fixing the touch controls.
  •     Charging cable and port replacement.
  •     Power and button replacement due to inefficiency.
  •     Camera problems where the screen appears blurred or foggy.
  •     Waterdrop incidents.
  •     Accidental falls and scratch cleaning.

Generally, the tech netizens would argue that laptop repairs are much more complex than simple smartphone repairs. So why is laptop repairing more difficult and expensive than mobile phones?

Here are some of the key points that they shared from their experience:

  •     The hardware. The motherboards of laptops are much more challenging to deal with than a mobile phone.
  •     Fault finding takes hours. Compared to the past, as laptops have become more modernized and lightweight, components have become smaller. According to experts, with component shrinkage, it has become increasingly challenging to find the point of failure. A laptop repair that used to take an hour or two can now take a whole day or more.
  •     Along with decreasing the size of the components used in the motherboard, the number of elements had increased in a limited space to add the more advanced technology. This makes fault detection more challenging.
  •     Need skilled workmanship. One has to be very efficient to do this intricate chip work with the BGA machine in the laptop motherboard.

Even though smartphones are comparatively much smaller than laptops, it can be more complicated to work on repairing a smartphone than a laptop.

  •     As the hardware is much smaller than the laptop, it’s harder to find faults.
  •     Mobiles tend to be more “packed” with components in a small space and other hardware and a battery. So it’s harder to identify problems at a specific location as they are interconnected and dependent.
  •     A much more skilled job. Repairers usually work on tracing PCB and look into the motherboard with the help of a microscope and multimeter.
  •     Data recovery from a memory card is much more intricate and time-consuming as there are no spare drives or external memory in most smart devices. There is a chance that once it’s gone, it’s gone permanently.
  •     It may be pretty hard to find specific hardware components for certain models of mobile phones. Especially if they are pretty old, as the smartphone market is constantly evolving.

There is no wrong way to approach a repair for your laptop or smartphone. They are all electrical devices and are not meant to last a lifetime. They will have problems, sometimes which may be bad enough for you to get a replacement or a new one. Both laptop and phone repairs are expensive and require much skill, so make sure you are going to a trusted repairer who will not let you down!

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Five Questions to Ask a Mobile Phone Repair Service before Commitment

Finding a good phone repair service might be difficult when you need your phone repaired quickly. Depending on where you live, you may have multiple alternatives or only one – in either case, knowing how to pick a trustworthy and dependable phone repair shop is critical.

Before allowing anybody to repair your broken phone, make sure they are respectable, knowledgeable, and stand by their services. Allowing anybody to fix your Samsung galaxy phone or your precious iPhone puts you in danger of identity theft, public humiliation, and even your essential bank or social identity data.

So, before you opt in for just another mobile phone repair service, make sure to ask some questions.

5 Questions to Ask a Mobile Phone Repair Service before Commitment

You can learn a lot about any mobile repair shop by asking the appropriate questions, and understanding what mobile service you’re searching for can help you pick the perfect mobile repair shop for you.

1. What Sort of Warranty Do You Provide, and What are Covered by It?

Many mobile phone repair shops will offer a warranty from 30 days through to 12 months. It usually covers the mobile phone battery, the mobile screen of the iPhone or Samsung galaxy, and labor associated with your repair, such as audio jack problem. Still, it will not cover things like water, physical or accidental damage.

Many mobile phone repair services provide warranties ranging from 30 days to a year. It usually covers the battery of your iPhone, the screen of your iPhone, or Samsung Galaxy, such as repairing your iPhone12 audio jack. However, it rarely covers water, physical, or accidental damage to new parts.

If you are an iPhone user and face problems while using your iPhone 12, you can also take your iPhone to an Apple Repair Center. They provide the same high-quality servicing using authentic Apple components.

Apple will provide a warranty for their new parts or services. Apple-certified repairs and servicing are available at the Apple Store or via one of our Apple Authorized Service Providers. The same goes for your Samsung Galaxy phones too.
If your phone becomes more defective or quits operating, check sure there is a limited warranty available. This will give you peace of mind and guarantee that the professional repairing your device believes in their capacity to fix your phone.

2. What Type of Replacement Parts Do You Have on Hand?

Not all mobile phone repair parts are made equal, there are aftermarket, OEM-equivalent, and both. Parts are assembled in China before being shipped to other nations, where repair mobile shop owners purchase them online through trading businesses or wholesale distributors.

If you need to repair a part on your phone, the replacement part must be of adequate quality to be considered effective. The electronics market is flooded with low-cost replacement parts that will degrade the quality of your phone and may even prevent it from working correctly.

For long-lasting repairs that make your phone work like new, you’ll need high-quality replacement components that are equivalent to the original parts on your smartphone. As a result, we only utilize high-quality parts that have been tested to work with your specific smartphone.

To be considered efficient, you must use a replacement item that is of sufficient quality. A flood of low-cost replacement parts in the electronics sector might damage the quality of your phone and even prevent it from working at all. You can rely on the Apple Store and Samsung Authorized Service Providers.

They will provide replacement parts identical to your phone’s original parts for long-lasting repairs that restore your phone’s functioning. Since your smartphone is unique, we can only use parts that have been thoroughly tested to function with it. The end-user, a trustworthy mobile repair company, usually always offers an extended warranty to make the warranty transfer to you.

Remember that Apple does not provide original components to third-party repair businesses, so the parts your repairing shop is providing are either counterfeit, misrepresented by the mobile repair shop, or the shop owner isn’t candid with you.

3. How Will You Protect the Information on My Phone Safe and Secure?

Protecting your data privacy is a top issue for repairing mobile business operators. We save a lot of essential files and the majority of our personal information on our phones.

Ensuring that your repair shop has a sound privacy policy and promotes openness in all parts of the business is critical to protecting your data from being lost or compromised during a repair.

4. Is It Okay If I Watch You Work on the Repairs?

Raising questions like whether you can observe the repair of your iPhone or Samsung. It may appear unusual, but if the repairer is willing to let you observe, you may be certain that they are not planning anything dishonest. Many repairs are basic enough to be completed in a matter of minutes, so keeping an eye on them should not be a problem.

If you give someone to repair your iPhone’s battery, you cannot know what he is doing unless you can see him in action. Furthermore, if you must send your iPhone to be repaired, go through your data and erase any photographs or information you do not want a stranger to view or transfer to iCloud.

5. Will You Repair Any Harm You Cause?

One possible concern is that if you select a mobile repair shop, the technician will cause harm to your smartphone. Some repair companies will require you to sign a release absolving them of any liability for the harm they create. Others outline what they will do in the case of harm.

If something goes wrong, ask them for specifics on their policies—request written proof that they will repair all damage caused by their specialists at no cost.

Final Words

Smartphones cost a lot. You need to be even more careful if you own an expensive one. So, don’t just hand over your phone to just another repair service that isn’t professional or doesn’t offer any warranty.

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Battery Replacement for iPhone: Will It Speed Up My Phone?

iPhones are one of the most efficient and highly performing smartphone devices globally. But as time moves on, even the best phones start to become a shadow of their previous performances. And it is also true for iPhones.
But this doesn’t mean you will need to change your whole phone to enjoy a faster experience. You need to replace the current iPhone Battery, and you will be able to experience your iPhone performing faster than ever.

And in this article, we will break down why it happens and whether or not it will be a good decision for you. So, without any more delay, let’s take a look at why replacing your current battery will enhance the performance of your iPhone.

Why Do iPhones Slow Down Over Time?

To understand why you will get better performance by changing the iPhone’s battery, you will need to understand why mobile phone batteries’ performance starts to degrade over time.

The main reason behind this is quite simple. Because the hardware starts to become older while the software and technologies only become newer and better, and at some point, the hardware just can’t take the load of the software’s requirements which leads to you experiencing slow reactions from your iPhone.

In this scenario, the battery plays the biggest role. Lithium-ion batteries will lose their chemical power as the years pass on. The battery that used to provide optimal performance for twelve hours now can only do eight hours or less.
As their powers fade, the batteries also can’t keep the iPhone optimal, and you start to face slow reactions on your phone. You can take measures to maintain the battery’s health alive for a few more years, but eventually, you will face these issues.

When the iPhone’s battery starts to lose its power, you will also encounter some issues along with the slow interface. This varies from model to model, but you will have to deal with sudden shutdowns and restarts.

This is a strain on the phone because the iPhone battery is trying to pull software that it isn’t capable of executing.

How Replacing iPhone’s Battery Helps

So, how does replacing the battery help in this case? When you replace the battery of your iPhone, you are adding a completely new, more advanced battery model than your previous one. This one has more juice and is more comfortable handling the latest software and features.

So, it will do a couple of things for your iPhone:

  • Battery life will increase
  • The charge consumption rate of the iPhone will decrease
  • The speed of the iPhone will drastically increase
  • The overall functionality will become a lot smoother

Keep in mind that while you will be enjoying all of these effects, your iPhone won’t be as fast as when you first bought it. And the effects will decline over time, but this way, you will prolong the life of your device for much longer, and that’s what this is all about.

When Should You Replace Your iPhone’s Battery?

So, when is the right time to switch to a new battery for your iPhone? Well, it depends on how bad the situation has gotten. If you are comfortable with your phone being a bit slow, then it is not the time, but if it has started to decline drastically, you should change it as soon as possible.

The best way to find out whether you should change your iPhone’s battery or not is by doing a few benchmarks. You can use free apps in the apple store. But high-quality benchmark apps come with a price tag.

But if you are going to stick will apple for the long run, spending a few bucks on it is worth the purchase.
Once you have decided on the benchmarking or testing software, run your tests and compare the results with your iPhone’s original stats. You will find the official benchmark numbers on apple’s official website. Otherwise, you can visit YouTube to see live-action results too.

The benchmark result that will matter the most is the processor’s results because a declining battery has a worse effect on the processor when it comes to iPhones.

So, if you find that the results have a drastic difference, then it is time to switch the battery of your iPhone.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it. You change the iPhone’s battery to improve your iPhone slowing down over time.
Now, while your performance may not be on par with the latest model, you will still be able to run the applications smoothly if you replace the battery of your iPhone. And the success rate speaks for itself. So, you don’t have to worry about taking a risk.

Therefore, try Changning the Battery of your iPhone first before you plan on replacing the phone itself. Best of luck!

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How to Find a Reliable Mobile Phone Repair Service Near You

If your mobile phone batteries are depleted, and you’re in need of battery replacement, the safest route to take is the official repair service. But in case your schedule doesn’t line up with that’s, the second-best option is to pick a third-party repairing route for high-quality service. Getting professionals involved also means there will be less chance of physical damage to your phone’s inner components. But how can you find a trusty repair service? Read more below to know.

Finding a reliable repair service for your phone

The first question coming to your mind is probably, “how can I find a good repair shop?” You have two ways of doing that. You can ask similar device users for their recommendations or look them up on the internet.

Phone repair services vary depending on what device you’re using. Apple and Samsung both usually have their repair services (Apple store) listed. You can also specifically search for your nearest repair shop, like “Melbourne CBD phone repair service,” and you’ll get a list of shops to check out.

The next step is finding a reliable shop. But how can you be sure of that? Here are things you should consider when you’re choosing your repair service.

  • Customer review

Reviews are the easiest way of knowing how good service really is because they come from first-hand people who have experienced their service. If the reviews don’t look too bright, chances are their service won’t be good either, so make sure to check the reviews before anything else.

  • Service warranty

A credible shop will offer you a service guarantee of 6-12 months. This means if you face any problem with the repaired part, they will fix it for free. Most service shops offer a warranty because it indicates their confidence in their service. If the shop isn’t offering any warranty, it is better not to pick that one because their success rate wouldn’t be very high.

  • Device experts

Different device repair works in different ways. Your iPhone 12 and Samsung Galaxy won’t have the same build, so a shop should have different experts. If a shop doesn’t specialize in repairing your device or anything like it, then there is no point in looking further.
Smartphones get frequent updates so just having an expert isn’t enough. When looking for a repair shop, ask them if they are up to date with the recent upgrades and if they have experience repairing similar devices. Having experience in repairing similar devices isn’t always necessary but make sure the technicians are familiar with newer upgrades.

  • Repair parts

This is extremely important, especially for Apple products. An Apple authorized service uses original parts supplied by Apple themselves, so there is less chance of your phone acting up later, but most of the third-party repair services are unauthorized. Many of them use cheap and low-quality replacement parts when repairing a phone that stops performing well after a while. So another thing you need to make sure of is that the repair service is using genuine, authentic products as replacements.
OEM quality is another important indicator. If the repair service can’t convince you that they use OEM quality parts as replacements, then don’t take risks and look for a different service.

  • Diagnosis

The service you choose should be transparent with their diagnoses and let you know why your phone is acting the way it is. They should also explain why they think their approach is the best one. Sometimes your device performance can drop because of minor issues that don’t need complex replacements. This way, you’ll know exactly what they’re doing and why, so if the repair shop isn’t transparent with their diagnoses, it is better to avoid them.

  • Return time and service cost

Let’s be honest; our phones are necessities for us at this point. Giving your phone to a repair service means you’ll be without your phone until they return it when they’re done. Since it is hard to go on without your phone, you should consider the repair service’s return time. The sooner you can get your device back, the better.
Another factor to consider is the service cost. Official repair services charge high because of the high-quality service and their use of original replacement parts. Unless your repair shop checks off all the boxes and can guarantee good service, the price shouldn’t be very high. So compare the service cost between multiple stores and see what works best for you.

Picking a reliable phone repair service can be a little time-consuming, but that’s something you’ll have to do to find the best service possible for your phone. Take your time and make sure the service meets all your needs and make sure to leave reviews after you go through with them so it can help more people.

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Essential Phone Security

Essential Phone Security

We always look for a phone with an LED screen and a stunning camera. But one of the most crucial features we always ignore is the phone’s security. If a phone is not secured enough, then all the other features will go in vain.

Your phone holds all of your personal information. In the gallery, there are thousands of photos of you and your friends and family. Also, your phone contains your bank account and email address. If somehow it falls into the wrong hands, it can jeopardize everything. That’s why you need to secure your phone.

Tips You Should Know to Increase Your Phone Security

When was the last time you cared for your phone’s security? We use our phones all day but never actually give a thought to securing the data. There are some tiny steps that you can take that can make quite a difference. So, here are the tips you should know to increase your phone security.

Google Play Protect

Google Play Protect is a great security measure that you can take. What it does is that it shows you if there are any harmful apps stored in your phone or not. There are millions of applications nowadays. Some of them are useful, while others have malicious intentions. Google Play Protect identifies these kinds of harmful apps and protects your phone from them. 

When you go to the settings option, you will notice there are two options. The first option is the scan option which scans your phone to inform you about the harmful apps. 

The second option is sharing some of your information so that Google can improve its app detection system. You should think of turning at least the scan option on. Otherwise, you will need a smartphone repair.

Enabling a Two-factor Authentication System

Your email and password aren’t enough to protect you. If you turn on the news, you will see that thousands of servers are getting hacked. Modern-day hackers have taken such approaches that your password won’t be able to stop them anymore. So what to do? That’s why you should enable the two-factor authentication system on your account. People can quickly get their hands on your email address. From there, guessing the password isn’t that hard. But when the two-factor authentication system is on, they can’t do anything even if they have your password and email. The system will require them to prove their identity by giving the pin code sent to your phone number. This tip will secure all your accounts and save you from getting a mobile repair.

Downloading from Trusted Stores

While using your phone, you will often notice popups from different apps that tell you to download from them. Never click on those notifications. Most of the time, they are scams and trying to get your personal information.

Always download apps from genuine and trusted stores like google Apps or apple play store. You can get a good idea about the app by reading the reviews. Also, try to read the apps’ privacy policy to check what features they will have access to. 

Backing Up Your Data

Imagine a situation. You have a project submission the next day. You have worked hard for the entire month to get the project ready. All the data, tables, and charts are on your phone. You are confident that you will present your project to your team.

But the next day, when you wake up, you notice that all the files are gone. There is nothing left. How horrible you must feel. All the hard work just goes to waste.

That’s why you should always backup your data. Unfortunate events can occur at any time. Your phone’s data can get compromised or, worse, get removed entirely. When you have a backup, you can quickly restore your precious data. Backing up your data will protect your information and prevent you from getting a mobile repair. 

Secure Lock Settings

This setting controls how your phone reacts when you try to unlock it. If someone gets hold of your phone, they will try to access it by putting the wrong password. When someone tries to brute force like this, these settings will help you secure your phone. 

When you go to the secure lock settings, you will see a bunch of options. Each of them is important, and experts suggest enabling them all. But one option that you must turn on is the auto factory reset. This screen repair option will automatically reset and delete all your phone’s data when someone enters an incorrect password too many times. Therefore, they can’t do anything with your phone.

App Permissions

When you go to your settings, you will see an option called applications. There you will be able to find the application manager. This application manager gives you a list of things that different applications have access to.

You can see what apps have access to your camera and gallery and what apps don’t. What you can do is limit the access of apps that you don’t want to give permissions. It’ll make your phone work much faster and protect your phone from harmful apps.

What to Do When Your Phone Gets Compromised?

The first thing you can do is reset your phone. Try to change the password so that your personal information doesn’t get jeopardized. But if this doesn’t work, you have to take your phone for a mobile repair or screen repair.

Final Thoughts

Your phone’s security should always be your number one priority. All your information dwells on your phone. In this modern era, hackers are becoming more and more troublesome. They are easily getting access to people’s phones. That’s why you need to step up your game. When you follow the security tips, no one will be able to access your data. 

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Why should You Avoid the Temptation to Replace Your iPhone’s Battery

Avoid the Temptation to Replace Your iPhone's Battery

iPhone. One of the best things that science has provided to the world. Surely the iPhones are packed with the latest piece of modern technology embedded inside. You have got the best chipsets, the best camera, and other necessities.

Unlike all of the equipment inside the iPhone, the battery is a little different. It degrades over time and limits your ability to go throughout the day with your phone.

Of course, you can replace the battery when it becomes unusable, but you should control your temptation of doing that.

We are going to talk about the drawbacks of replacing a battery and also the proper procedure of replacing an iPhone battery. Let us begin.

Reasons why you should avoid replacing iPhone battery

There are a lot of reasons why you should avoid replacing a battery in an iPhone. Not only does it involve a lot of risk and complications in the process, but it may also create some problems for your phone in the future that you will not like. Moreover, the creator of iPhones, Apple, is against unauthorized iPhone battery replacement.

Let us talk about the risks of iPhone battery replacement.

Damaging internals

The first risk comes with damaging the internals. As you may have experienced, Apple iPhones are the most powerful smartphones in the market, but they need to be handled with care. Any miscarriage of the phone can damage it totally.

When repairing the phone, you need to take off the display first which requires you to heat it. This may burn the display pixels in some cases. The new iPhones have a really fragile display and earpiece wire. That can easily break when you are removing the display for repairs.

Breaking one of these wires can cost you spending more money on repairs.

Exploding lithium-ion batteries

Apple iPhones run on Lithium-in batteries. Pretty much every smartphone nowadays runs on the same type of battery. These types of batteries are known to catch fire and explode in some extreme cases.

When replacing a battery, you may replace it with an unofficial one without the Apple warranty. Those types of batteries may explode. So there is a risk of losing your entire iPhone, and injuring your hand if you replace its battery with an unofficial battery.

This is one of the main reasons why Apple is getting strict with its anti-repairing policies for unauthorized repairs.

No battery health

You may have heard about Apple promoting customers to not use unauthorized repair for their iPhones. Well, Apple took it one step further by tempering with their battery health programming.

If you replace an iPhone battery with an unauthorized repairman, the phone will no longer be able to display battery health.

Even if you replace it with an official Apple iPhone battery with the Apple warranty, it would not work.

Moreover, there will be a notification saying that something is wrong with your battery.

This can be bypassed if you repair it from an official Apple outlet.

No waterproofing

The very first step of replacing your iPhone battery is to open the phone physically to access the battery.

This involves heating and melting the glue that was holding your phone together. This glue sealing is also responsible for making your phone waterproof. So, taking this seal out means no waterproofing.

While it is true that the repairman will put the screen back with glue sealing, it won’t be as strong as it was with the factory glue sealing. So there is always a chance of your phone losing its waterproof rating.

Apple’s anti-repairing history their products

We have seen all the risks of replacing a battery and why you should control your temptation of replacing it. But everyone has to admit that you will have to replace the battery at some point when it loses its health and becomes unusable. Apple did keep that in mind and does provide repairing service. But they strongly discourage unauthorized third-party repair.

When people did not listen to Apple, Apple started implementing some active penalties. For example, if you replace the OLED display panel with a third-party service provider, the true color option will no longer function. As for the battery, the phone will not display battery health percentage if the battery is not replaced officially.

You may ask why is Apple doing this? Money? No. The real reason why Apple is doing this is to ensure the safety of the customers and protect their own brand image.

The anti-third-party repair policy for the battery replacement makes sense. Unauthorized battery replacement may make it explode and it can make the brand image of Apple take a downturn. Exploding battery phones are very dangerous for brand image, take Samsung for example.

That is why Apple is implementing such strategies. But Apple did ensure that a third-party battery replacement will not hamper the phone’s overall performance. So that’s good news.

Either way, if you really want to replace your Apple iPhone battery, then go to an authorized Apple repairman. They will replace your battery with an official one. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the battery health percentage. The authorized Apple repairmen have the proper equipment to install a microchip that reads the battery health.

It may cost higher than a third-party service repair, but it is worth the price.

Why do we even bother replacing the battery in the first place? That is to get rid of the degraded one and get back the original battery life we had when we first had the phone. So yes, replacing a battery is necessary at times.


It is true that at some point you have no choice but to replace your battery. We are not telling you to not replace the battery at those moments, rather we are telling you to control your temptation until that moment arises.

Replacing a battery from an official Apple outlet is not cheap. It is pretty expensive. Thus you should minimize the time you replace a battery by controlling your temptation.

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Things You Should do When Your Phone Falls in Water

water damage repair
Given the fact that water is almost everywhere, it’s quite understandable if you drop your phone in the water. As common as the problem isit can still scare you out of your wits, especially for those fearing water damaged iphone. After spending your savings on the dearest possession only to have your money flow in the water (quite literally) is something we all wish to avoid. Here are a few ways to water damage repair the lost soul of your phone if it slips from your hands.

Time to turn it off!

The most common way to get your phone back to life is by turning it off as soon as possible after the accident. Touching the buttons shall not only put pressure on any existing liquid inside your phone, but will further cause water damaged iphone or worse, shock you through the electricity and water. Hence, it’s the best solution to keep it switched off before jumping to other remedies.

As hard as it must be to not check if your device if working or not, you have to resist the temptation for the greater good.

Get rid of the case

After turning it off, it’s time to get rid of any extra accessories or case that your phone is wearing. These accessories may have water trapped in them, which shall flow to your phone’s internal system as time passes. Thus, it’s wise to avoid the trapping of any liquid in the case or other additions of your phone.

Along with the phone case you should get rid of the screen protector as well; it might have water underneath the protector that cannot dry off it it’s not taken off entirely. Following these steps, you’ll be able to wipe the phone clean with any cloth free of lint. The goal here is to absorb all the liquid from your phone without keeping any remnants behind. If you don’t have anything fancy around you, a tee shirt can be of great help.

Liquid-less Ports

Next, the ports need to be dried off. Often, dropping your phone causes water to get inside through the charging and earphone ports. These liquids usually get trapped and cause further water damage in iPhone as most people do not pay heed to these ports. However, it is essential to tilt your phone at different angles to ensure no port has liquids inside it. To go one step further, you can even use a mild hair dryer on the ports to ensure the water has dried off completely; remember the keyword- MILD.

Another thing to avoid during this time is charging or plugging anything into your phone. Not only will this disrupt the internal system of your phone, but it is extremely hazardous. Make sure to maintain all precautions before dealing with your phone- it’s electricity and water we are talking about.

Take the SIM card out

Even drying off the ports might fail to water damage repair your iPhone if liquid is still trapped inside. Taking your SIM card out and leaving the port open increases another ventilation space for your phone to dry off. Moreover, taking your SIM card out ensures that it stays functioning and dries off completely. Be careful while ejecting the SIM card out, as the process can be dangerous. For iPhones, you can use a pin or a paper clip that is straightened out to eject your SIM card.

It’s always a good idea to use protective gloves to avoid any mishaps or electric shocks.

Wait, wait, wait

If you have completed all the aforementioned steps, now is the time to store your phone on a window sill or an open shelf to dry off. Remember to not put it in a box or closed container, as the humidity will not let your device dry off completely. In most cases, you have to wait for one or two days before being able to turn your phone back on. Therefore, resist the temptation to turn the phone on and check- it shall cause further water manage on your iPhone. In addition to these, make sure there is adequate ventilation available for your device to dry.

It’s vital to NOT store your phone under direct sunlight as it can hamper the system rather than reviving it. A cool and dry place is perfect for the steps to be performed.

How can you tell your phone has dried?

This is a common question for people with water damaged iPhones. When can you possibly understand if your phone has dried? Well, there’s no way to confirm if it has dried off completely or not; there might still be dangers of using the phone and it can also stop working three weeks down the line.

The best way to cope with this is to turn on your phone after two whole days of the drying procedure. In most cases, this works as the phone is given plenty of time to dry off. However, it’s better to stay safe than sorry. As soon as your phone turns on, make sure to retrieve a back up of all your information from the device. This ensures that even if it stops working some day in the upcoming weeks, you’ll still have a backup of all your data. It’s wise to keep a backup device ready as well, in case of emergencies.

Rice Method?

Often the online sources will tell you to stick your iPhone in a bowl of rice. Don’t do that.

Refrain from using the rice method as the grains can enter through the ports and break your phone eventually. Moreover, enclosing the iPhone in between uncooked rice will make the drying process go slower. Don’t believe the stories of people who managed iphone water damage repair through the rice method- chances are, they could have done it faster without the rice itself.

Bottom Line

Your phone is arguably your most prized possession and letting it slip into water might cause you immense stress. Use the steps to water damage repairyour phone for the time being, and don’t forget to remain cautious!