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Thinking of throwing away your Laptop? Consider a motherboard repair service

Motherboards are like the hearts of any electronic device. The whole system is run on motherboard instructions. Motherboards are different for different devices; a pc motherboard won’t match a laptop motherboard because of how small the operating space is. Motherboards rarely go down, but if it does, your whole computer will be useless. As motherboard repairing needs more time and expertise, most people tend to change their device for motherboard failures, but sometimes repairing can help too.

If the damage is minimal, you can repair your motherboard instead. Here is a guide to motherboard damage and how a repair service can help.

What are the symptoms of a motherboard failure?

The most obvious symptom is the slow booting of your Laptop, but that isn’t the only one. Here are some signs that can mean motherboard failure in your Laptop:

Laptop repair cost factors

There are many factors, but the major ones are service rate, problem complexity, and type of service.

  • Slow booting

If your Laptop isn’t showing anything on display except a black background, then chances are your laptop motherboard is down.

  • Constant freezing

Another common symptom. Most of the time, your Laptop will start fine, but when you try to work, your screen will freeze. This will keep happening frequently, and the freezing time will keep increasing. If your Laptop is doing the same, you probably have a faulty motherboard.

  • Slow performance

This mostly happens because of the part wearing down, but yes, if your Laptop has slowed down a lot compared to before, then it can be a sign of motherboard failure. This also includes frequent glitching and screen freezings.

What can cause motherboard failure?

Many things, actually. The reasons can go from factory defects to a build-up of any kind; some of them are just more common.
Here are some of the reasons that can cause motherboard failure.

  • Overheating

Overheating is the most familiar cause of this. The CPU components have more space and air ventilation in a desktop computer, so the inner temperature regulation works better in them. Laptops have all the major components sitting in one place and have next to zero room for extra temperature control. Because of the cramped layout, it is easier for the motherboard to overheat and not come back to normal temperature. A lot of laptop models have air vents in a position that can get covered up easily. This blockage of ventilation causes the motherboard to overheat and fries the chips on it, causing a complete failure.

  • Big power fluctuation

The electricity powering your Laptop is never stable; it is always fluctuating. But the normal fluctuations are never too big. Normal fluctuation doesn’t harm your Laptop, but if there is a sudden rise or drop in power that is outside the normal fluctuation range, your Laptop’s motherboard can’t adjust to the sudden change and stops working. If the surge is because of lighting, then it can burn the inner components too.

  • Physical or impact damage

Physical or impact damages are rare cases, but they happen. If you drop your Laptop or hit it against something accidentally, it can shake up the inner components and cause your motherboard to collapse. Sometimes impact can loosen the wire connections, which won’t damage your motherboard but will make it show the symptoms of failure.
Physical damages like burnt components (or chipped ones) can also cause your motherboard performance to downgrade.

  • Aging

Electronic devices have a limited lifetime, and their performance rate keeps dropping slowly because of the constant usage. If your Laptop is pretty old, then chances are your motherboard has run the course of its life and needs to be replaced now.

How can a motherboard repair service help you?

Your Laptop showing signs of a motherboard crash doesn’t mean you have to throw it away. The problem can be coming from a loose connection or a shaken component that can be easily fixed. But you wouldn’t know what the reason is unless you open your Laptop up, and disassembling a laptop is complicated. This is why you’ll need expert services to help you out.
A motherboard repair service will tell you if the problem really is in your motherboard and how much repairing it needs to be fixed. They are experts in handling these devices, so you won’t have to worry about dissecting your Laptop alone or messing up during reassembly. They will also help you fix the motherboard if the damage is small and fixable (think small component changing or fixing a loose wire) so you won’t have to spend your money on getting a new laptop. There will be less chance of data loss after fixing, and you’ll be able to recover your data easily because they keep backups. And if your motherboard is beyond repair, they’ll tell you that too, so you’ll have confirmation coming from professionals.


Most people think motherboard issues mean you’ll have to get a new laptop, but that’s not entirely true. Motherboard repair services are professionals and will tell you if your motherboard can be fixed. This can save you from extra spending, so yes, we recommend contacting a motherboard repairing service before throwing your Laptop away.