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Laptop Repair Tool List: Your Ultimate Guide!

Laptop repair

You are not an over-thinker if you are thinking about getting some laptop repair tools in your collection. Heartbreaking to think that your beloved laptop might get damaged one day. So better be prepared for that than becoming sorry later. There is no telling when these electronic buddies might collapse. Now you know you need some tools but are still confused about which one to get. Worry not, as we discussed, there are some must-have laptop repair tools if you own a laptop.

An air compressor: These are multitaskers. Air compressors are like vacuum cleaners for your laptop. It’s a great thing to have these as they help pull out all the dirt inside the keyboard and other small holes. As you open up the back of your laptop, you will need to clean its inside to proceed to work safely. And we are desperately trying to avoid water in this process, so the air compressor is the one to rely on. Cleaning laptop fans will be easier than ever once you invest in this cool gadget.

Box of laptop screws: It’s very obvious, yet we seem to forget about this. Screws are small enough to vanish within seconds. Getting a box of laptop screws can be a lifesaver. It’s also unwise to reuse old screws as they lose their grip over time. Screw boxes are not expensive to get, and buying one will last you for a lifetime. But make sure you are ordering specific screws for your laptop brand.

Philips screwdriver: If your laptop collapses suddenly, restarting it may not always help. You can either take your laptop to service or if you are an expert in this field, you can solve a few problems at home. And for that, you’ll need a screwdriver to open up the back of the computer. Philips head screwdriver has been an all in one an all-time favorite of a lot of people. Excellent grade stainless steel will save you from buying a lot of them. No need to worry about the grip as it is made of plastic, rubber, etc., strong materials. So it’s time to replace your butter knife with a suitable screwdriver.

Magnetic pickup tools: Tweezers are helpful, but magnetic pickup tools are better. Especially when you are working with smaller parts of a laptop, the magnetic tip allows you to work precisely and effortlessly. But keep in your collection your non-magnetic tweezers just in case you need them.

Anti-static mat: Fixing a laptop may seem harmless, but they are not. ESD-sensitive components can build up static electricity, which can cause electric shock. To prevent it, get yourself a pair of anti-static wrist bands that will transfer the electricity from your body to the ground safely.

Punch-down tool: You’ll need this to put new wires in sockets and cut and customize wires according to your need.

Digital multimeter: Get a USB multi-tester to quickly figure out a part’s voltage output. Voltage indicates whether the device is working or not.

Headlamp, q-tips, hand-sanitizer, and lint-free fabric: You probably have these at your place already, yet they are essential enough to keep them in your toolbox. The key to error-free work is good visuals. Almost impossible to work correctly with such small parts of a laptop under the ordinary light of a room. Headlamps will provide you with light wherever you turn your head. Small heads of q-tips come in handy while cleaning the micro parts of a laptop. We need to keep our hands clean but without water, of course. Having a hand sanitizer will do the job. Also, if you’re thinking of using regular clothes for cleaning dust, drop the thought as standard fabric builds up a charge causing ESD, which can hamper your laptop.


Replacing a laptop is not easy for many of us as it costs us a fortune and our daily work depends on it. A laptop repairing tool is like a first-aid box for your laptop. You can protect your laptop from sudden damage like liquid spillage if you’ve got all the necessary items within your reach. Investing in laptop repair tools will save you from spending money on services. Also, grooming your laptop regularly will become a lot easier and more proper with the right tools. Replacing a laptop is not easy for many of us as it costs us a fortune and our daily work depends on it.

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