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5 Signs Your Smartphone Battery Is Dying

Let’s talk about your smartphone battery but before that smartphones have evolved beyond just being devices for making calls and sending texts. As the name suggests, they are essentially mini-computers that we carry in our pockets. With any electronic device, battery life is critical; as smartphones age and are used frequently, their battery life begins to deteriorate. 

Recognising the signs beforehand can help prevent the inconvenience of sudden smartphone battery death.

The Phone Is Not Holding Charge For As Long As It Used To

One of the most recognisable signs of diminishing battery life is that your smartphone’s charge doesn’t last as long as it used to. This can be caused by a variety of reasons, including having too many apps or background processes that consume memory and battery life. 

However, this shouldn’t be an issue if your phone has good battery life. The manufacturer has typically designed the phone to handle battery-draining scenarios. In the rare case that your smartphone suffers from malware or other battery-draining software, it’s a sign that the battery is slowly dying.

Taking Longer To Charge Than Usual

Another sign of battery issues is longer charging time. As the owner of the smartphone, you likely have a general understanding of how long it takes to charge. However, if it takes more than three hours to charge to even 50%, it’s a sign that the battery is having problems. 


This is not necessarily common in older smartphones, but this may occasionally occur if your phone is over two years old. Eventually, it may take so long to charge that charging overnight is not effective. It’s worth noting that long charging time can also be caused by issues with the cable or power outlet, not just the battery.

Randomly Restarting

A dying smartphone battery can lead to a phone randomly restarting, causing interruptions and making it difficult to complete tasks. In this case, it’s best to charge the phone as soon as possible to restore power. If the phone continues to restart even when plugged in, it could indicate severe battery damage and require immediate repair.

The Smartphone Is Getting Unusually Hot While Charging

Overheating while charging is a common issue many smartphone users face, caused by overcharging, excessive usage, or faulty battery. It’s crucial to take prompt action to prevent damage to the phone. 

If the phone overheats while charging, unplug it to let it cool down. If the issue persists, consider replacing the battery, as it may be the root cause. Additionally, if the phone doesn’t charge fully, it may indicate a dying battery. It’s important to take measures to prevent overworking or damaging the battery.

Displaying A Low Battery Warning More Frequently Than Before

To prevent sudden battery death, many smartphone companies have implemented low battery warnings that appear when the battery level drops to 15% and 10%. This alerts users in time to take preventive actions, such as charging the device or switching to low-power mode. 

If you find yourself encountering these warnings frequently, it’s a sign that your battery is draining faster, regardless of usage. This helps you avoid data loss and inconvenient situations. If combined with other previously mentioned signs, it’s a clear indication that your battery is dying.


Once you have identified these signs, it’s crucial to replace your smartphone battery promptly. Depending on the brand and model, battery replacement can be costly, but it’s still more cost-effective than purchasing a new phone.

If you’ve recently acquired a smartphone, fixing the battery is better than replacing the device. To ensure high-quality repair services, consider contacting Fixsmart, the best phone repair shop in town.