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How to Find a Reliable Mobile Phone Repair Service Near You

If your mobile phone batteries are depleted, and you’re in need of battery replacement, the safest route to take is the official repair service. But in case your schedule doesn’t line up with that’s, the second-best option is to pick a third-party repairing route for high-quality service. Getting professionals involved also means there will be less chance of physical damage to your phone’s inner components. But how can you find a trusty repair service? Read more below to know.

Finding a reliable repair service for your phone

The first question coming to your mind is probably, “how can I find a good repair shop?” You have two ways of doing that. You can ask similar device users for their recommendations or look them up on the internet.

Phone repair services vary depending on what device you’re using. Apple and Samsung both usually have their repair services (Apple store) listed. You can also specifically search for your nearest repair shop, like “Melbourne CBD phone repair service,” and you’ll get a list of shops to check out.

The next step is finding a reliable shop. But how can you be sure of that? Here are things you should consider when you’re choosing your repair service.

  • Customer review

Reviews are the easiest way of knowing how good service really is because they come from first-hand people who have experienced their service. If the reviews don’t look too bright, chances are their service won’t be good either, so make sure to check the reviews before anything else.

  • Service warranty

A credible shop will offer you a service guarantee of 6-12 months. This means if you face any problem with the repaired part, they will fix it for free. Most service shops offer a warranty because it indicates their confidence in their service. If the shop isn’t offering any warranty, it is better not to pick that one because their success rate wouldn’t be very high.

  • Device experts

Different device repair works in different ways. Your iPhone 12 and Samsung Galaxy won’t have the same build, so a shop should have different experts. If a shop doesn’t specialize in repairing your device or anything like it, then there is no point in looking further.
Smartphones get frequent updates so just having an expert isn’t enough. When looking for a repair shop, ask them if they are up to date with the recent upgrades and if they have experience repairing similar devices. Having experience in repairing similar devices isn’t always necessary but make sure the technicians are familiar with newer upgrades.

  • Repair parts

This is extremely important, especially for Apple products. An Apple authorized service uses original parts supplied by Apple themselves, so there is less chance of your phone acting up later, but most of the third-party repair services are unauthorized. Many of them use cheap and low-quality replacement parts when repairing a phone that stops performing well after a while. So another thing you need to make sure of is that the repair service is using genuine, authentic products as replacements.
OEM quality is another important indicator. If the repair service can’t convince you that they use OEM quality parts as replacements, then don’t take risks and look for a different service.

  • Diagnosis

The service you choose should be transparent with their diagnoses and let you know why your phone is acting the way it is. They should also explain why they think their approach is the best one. Sometimes your device performance can drop because of minor issues that don’t need complex replacements. This way, you’ll know exactly what they’re doing and why, so if the repair shop isn’t transparent with their diagnoses, it is better to avoid them.

  • Return time and service cost

Let’s be honest; our phones are necessities for us at this point. Giving your phone to a repair service means you’ll be without your phone until they return it when they’re done. Since it is hard to go on without your phone, you should consider the repair service’s return time. The sooner you can get your device back, the better.
Another factor to consider is the service cost. Official repair services charge high because of the high-quality service and their use of original replacement parts. Unless your repair shop checks off all the boxes and can guarantee good service, the price shouldn’t be very high. So compare the service cost between multiple stores and see what works best for you.

Picking a reliable phone repair service can be a little time-consuming, but that’s something you’ll have to do to find the best service possible for your phone. Take your time and make sure the service meets all your needs and make sure to leave reviews after you go through with them so it can help more people.