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Why should You Avoid the Temptation to Replace Your iPhone’s Battery

Avoid the Temptation to Replace Your iPhone's Battery

iPhone. One of the best things that science has provided to the world. Surely the iPhones are packed with the latest piece of modern technology embedded inside. You have got the best chipsets, the best camera, and other necessities.

Unlike all of the equipment inside the iPhone, the battery is a little different. It degrades over time and limits your ability to go throughout the day with your phone.

Of course, you can replace the battery when it becomes unusable, but you should control your temptation of doing that.

We are going to talk about the drawbacks of replacing a battery and also the proper procedure of replacing an iPhone battery. Let us begin.

Reasons why you should avoid replacing iPhone battery

There are a lot of reasons why you should avoid replacing a battery in an iPhone. Not only does it involve a lot of risk and complications in the process, but it may also create some problems for your phone in the future that you will not like. Moreover, the creator of iPhones, Apple, is against unauthorized iPhone battery replacement.

Let us talk about the risks of iPhone battery replacement.

Damaging internals

The first risk comes with damaging the internals. As you may have experienced, Apple iPhones are the most powerful smartphones in the market, but they need to be handled with care. Any miscarriage of the phone can damage it totally.

When repairing the phone, you need to take off the display first which requires you to heat it. This may burn the display pixels in some cases. The new iPhones have a really fragile display and earpiece wire. That can easily break when you are removing the display for repairs.

Breaking one of these wires can cost you spending more money on repairs.

Exploding lithium-ion batteries

Apple iPhones run on Lithium-in batteries. Pretty much every smartphone nowadays runs on the same type of battery. These types of batteries are known to catch fire and explode in some extreme cases.

When replacing a battery, you may replace it with an unofficial one without the Apple warranty. Those types of batteries may explode. So there is a risk of losing your entire iPhone, and injuring your hand if you replace its battery with an unofficial battery.

This is one of the main reasons why Apple is getting strict with its anti-repairing policies for unauthorized repairs.

No battery health

You may have heard about Apple promoting customers to not use unauthorized repair for their iPhones. Well, Apple took it one step further by tempering with their battery health programming.

If you replace an iPhone battery with an unauthorized repairman, the phone will no longer be able to display battery health.

Even if you replace it with an official Apple iPhone battery with the Apple warranty, it would not work.

Moreover, there will be a notification saying that something is wrong with your battery.

This can be bypassed if you repair it from an official Apple outlet.

No waterproofing

The very first step of replacing your iPhone battery is to open the phone physically to access the battery.

This involves heating and melting the glue that was holding your phone together. This glue sealing is also responsible for making your phone waterproof. So, taking this seal out means no waterproofing.

While it is true that the repairman will put the screen back with glue sealing, it won’t be as strong as it was with the factory glue sealing. So there is always a chance of your phone losing its waterproof rating.

Apple’s anti-repairing history their products

We have seen all the risks of replacing a battery and why you should control your temptation of replacing it. But everyone has to admit that you will have to replace the battery at some point when it loses its health and becomes unusable. Apple did keep that in mind and does provide repairing service. But they strongly discourage unauthorized third-party repair.

When people did not listen to Apple, Apple started implementing some active penalties. For example, if you replace the OLED display panel with a third-party service provider, the true color option will no longer function. As for the battery, the phone will not display battery health percentage if the battery is not replaced officially.

You may ask why is Apple doing this? Money? No. The real reason why Apple is doing this is to ensure the safety of the customers and protect their own brand image.

The anti-third-party repair policy for the battery replacement makes sense. Unauthorized battery replacement may make it explode and it can make the brand image of Apple take a downturn. Exploding battery phones are very dangerous for brand image, take Samsung for example.

That is why Apple is implementing such strategies. But Apple did ensure that a third-party battery replacement will not hamper the phone’s overall performance. So that’s good news.

Either way, if you really want to replace your Apple iPhone battery, then go to an authorized Apple repairman. They will replace your battery with an official one. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the battery health percentage. The authorized Apple repairmen have the proper equipment to install a microchip that reads the battery health.

It may cost higher than a third-party service repair, but it is worth the price.

Why do we even bother replacing the battery in the first place? That is to get rid of the degraded one and get back the original battery life we had when we first had the phone. So yes, replacing a battery is necessary at times.


It is true that at some point you have no choice but to replace your battery. We are not telling you to not replace the battery at those moments, rather we are telling you to control your temptation until that moment arises.

Replacing a battery from an official Apple outlet is not cheap. It is pretty expensive. Thus you should minimize the time you replace a battery by controlling your temptation.

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