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Common Habits that are Ruining Your Phone’s Battery Life

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Imagine you are thinking of purchasing a new phone. You have looked in-stores after stores to find your dream phone. Finally, you stumble onto a phone with a fantastic display and a real camera. It has every feature that you were searching for. Your joy knows no bounds. You instantly purchase the phone.

But the problem starts after using the phone for a couple of months. You soon begin to notice that the battery charge decreases quite fast. No matter how much you charge the battery, it drains, eventually leading you to spend on battery replacement. It might occur because of your bad habits. And that’s we’re going to cover in our article today. 

How Do Phone Batteries Die?

Nothing stays forever. Not even your phone battery. When you use your phone for the first time, there won’t be any problem with the battery. But gradually, the state of the battery will deteriorate after each use.

But what accelerates this process is heat. If the battery gets too much heat, then it will start to get damaged far more quickly. Either it can be by charging too much or leaving your phone under the sun.

Another cause is splashing your phone into the water. When water goes into your phone’s battery, it will start to hamper the battery’s normal function. You may need to get a battery replacement if it happens. 

Five Common Habits that are Ruining Your Phones Battery Life

You use your phone for a plethora of things. In this modern era, we hardly put our phones down even for a minute. So, it’s evident that the battery life won’t sustain much. But, the phone’s battery life gets ruined because of the mistakes that we make frequently. So, let’s check out the everyday habits that are ruining your phone’s battery life. 

1.Way Too Many Notifications

There are so many websites and apps nowadays. If we start to name them, this article will never reach its end. Whenever we turn on our data connection or Wi-Fi, we are bombarded with notifications from these apps and websites.

These apps often notify you about unnecessary things to promote themselves. These relentless notifications take a toll on the battery life. So, next time when you are downloading a new app, make sure you turn the notification alert option off. 

Only keep this option open for those apps that you genuinely need. It’ll significantly improve the battery’s health and save you from getting an iPhone battery replacement. . Even your phone’s performance will start to improve. 

2. High Brightness

We all have healthy, functional eyes. We don’t need to set the brightness too high. Most of the time, we put it so high that it can almost blind someone.

Adjusting the brightness to the maximum level heats your battery. Because of overheating, the battery slowly starts to die. That’s why there is an automatic brightness adjustment function in most phones. Make sure to use it consistently. Otherwise, you may need abattery replacement. 

3. Charging Overnight

Phones have a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. They charge much faster than typical batteries. Usually, it takes about one to two hours to charge a phone fully. However, waiting for the phone to charge is tedious.

That’s why many of us charge our phones overnight. We use our phones the entire day and plug them in to charge just before we go to bed. When we wake up, we have a fully charged phone in our hands. Although it sounds incredible, this has a significant effect on your phone’s battery life.

Let’s get one misconception out of the way first. Your battery can’t overcharge. So there is no risk of batteries getting burst because of charging past 100 percent. But it does have some problems.

So, when your phone reaches 100 percent, it won’t charge anymore. But your phone naturally loses charge on its own. So, whenever it loses a tiny bit of charge, the charger has to charge it back to its full potential.

It keeps on occurring the entire night. This bouncing back incident reduces the battery capacity, which stresses your battery. So try not to plug your phone into the charger for a long time. Otherwise, you will need a mobile battery service. 

4. Running the Battery Dry

Many of us are cautious about our phone’s battery. Therefore, we are quick to charge it as soon as it reaches 15 percent. But sometimes, we have to push it to the limit to do a little bit more work. Sometimes we keep on using it until the phone completely shuts down.

Although the phone will turn back on after recharging, this slowly hurts the battery life. When you discharge the battery to zero percent, it increases the mechanical degradation of the cathode.

If it continues to happen, then the battery will lose the ability to store energy. That’s why always remember to charge your phone when it goes below 15 percent. Otherwise, you will need a battery replacement.

5. Keeping Your GPS On

Your phone’s GPS is a fantastic tool that helps you locate and navigate different locations. But you don’t always need it. Some of us have a habit of keeping it on at all times.

Many even leave the Bluetooth and airplane mode on as well. It drains your phone’s battery life. The more apps you use, the more quickly your phone will lose charge. 

What to Do When Your Phone’s Battery Dies?

The first thing you should take your phone for is mobile battery service. Let the experts handle it. But if the condition is worse, then you have to get a battery replacement.

Final Thoughts

Your battery will not die so fast if you can break your bad habits. We know it’s not easy. But you have to realize that you are responsible for your phone’s condition. So, handle it carefully. If you manage to do it, then your phone will accompany you to its last breath.

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