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Will Apple Repair My iPhone For Free? Here’s What You Can Do.

Apple Repair My iPhone For Free

In this article, we will go through the numerous insurance and replacement programs available, those set up by Apple! Also, your legal rights and alternatives for each type of damage or incident that may have occurred to your smartphone. If you are an Apple user experiencing this problem for the first time, then we’re here to answer Will Apple Repair My iPhone For Free?

You may lean towards third parties for the repair because they are generally cheaper in cases where you have run out of warranty. Before getting to the details, let’s clear some misconceptions. You may have heard that Apple does not repair any iPhone that has been repaired by a third-party repairer before. If you want to reduce the repair expense to a minimum, this may irritate you. To help you, in this article, we will look at two instances. One, Apple has been accused of discouraging customers from using third-party replacements and denying further future services:  These include problems around the screen and the batter of the iPhones. Keep reading to learn more.

Replacement or Repair?

Since you have spent so much money on your iPhone, many people expect Apple to replace their iPhone once you break it. Although an unusual way of thinking – most Apple consumers tend to think like that. People appear to have high expectations about the iPhone because when you sign up for a year or two on a contract, you want the phone to survive the entire period.

If you are lucky and the iPhone is still under warranty, you are safe. Another alternative is getting yourself phone insurance if you often tend to damage your phone. If you have insurance, you have a better chance of receiving a replacement or, at the very least, a repair.

Insurance and Repair Programs

In countries like the United Kingdom and the United States, a service set up by Apple itself known as AppleCare+ is the company’s insurance system for damaged or lost phones. Apple’s two-year coverage ranges from £79/$79 for the iPhone SE to £199/$199 for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Apple will replace or repair an iPhone that has been accidentally damaged if you have this insurance. You only get two replacement chances, and there’s a risk you’ll be charged an additional price as well — £25 to $29 for screen damage and £79/$99 for other damage. For theft and loss, the price may go up to $149 in the United States.

A good choice is to keep a lookout at the services that Apple currently offers. There are currently 20 services like these running, under which Apple may repair your phone – and in some cases, even for free. Here are some of the most commonly used services by Apple customers in recent years:

  •   iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Service Program for No Sound Issues. This is a common issue.

Apple has discovered that a limited number of iPhones may have a receiver module component failure. Between October 2020 and April 2021, the affected devices were manufactured.

  •   Smart Battery Case Replacement Program for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. Some Smart Battery Cases for the models such as iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR may have charging troubles, like not charging or charging irregularly when put into power,
  •   iPhone X Display Module Replacement Program for Touch Issues. Due to a component failure, some iPhone X screens may develop touch difficulties, leading to the display not being responsive to touch or registering as if it was touched when it wasn’t.
  •   USB Power Adapter Takeback Program. Is your cable or charger damaged? This program allows you to bring counterfeit (or any third-party charger) iPhone, iPad, and iPod adapters to Apple and exchange them for a genuine charger for the special $10 price.
  •   iPhone 8 Logic Board Replacement Program. This is related to a logic board failure, which can cause iPhones to reboot, freeze, or even brick.
  •   iPhone 7 Repair Program for “No Service” Issues. Even though specific iPhone 7 devices may show “No Service” in cellular service due to a logic board malfunction. This affects iPhones purchased in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macao, and the United States between September 2016 and February 2018.
  •   iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus Service Program for No Power Issues. Is your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus not turning on? It might be eligible for a free fix if it was bought between October 2018 and August 2019.

These are not all but some of the common issues experienced by Apple users. For better or worse, we would suggest looking at Apple’s official website to see if they update their programs and resources.

At the end of the day, the question “Does Apple repair iPhone for free?” really depends on how your phone was damaged and if they meet the criteria in their terms.

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Phone Repair With Warranty: Where To Fix Your Phone Without Issues

Phone Repair

A smartphone is a crafty piece of technology that has made our lives easier. We can’t deny how annoyingly fragile they tend to be. The device made from thin plastic or metal pieces can get easily damaged with time, especially if you’re a clumsy individual. Times like these require you to seek out the best possible shops to repair your phone. If you have an expensive phone, you can expect the costs to be higher. Those of you searching for a phone repair with a warranty that is outstanding have come to the right place.

Phone Repair For iPhone

Apple may have some of the best phones on the market, but their durability is another topic to discuss. We’re not mentioning that Apple phones can’t take damage. However, the majority of the time, they can be pretty fragile. Looking for a phone repair with a warranty? Your best bet would be to go to your nearest Apple-certified shop. On the other hand, if you have purchased your phone online, you could send it over to an Apple repair center.

You might be worried that the shop you sent your phone to might not do well. And it’s true. They might just end up stealing parts. While this is concerning, don’t worry. Certified online repair shops provide the same level of quality in repairs.

What Is Applecare+?

If the interior hardware of your iPhone has been prone to damage, consult Applecare. The Apple product repair/upgrade platform offers support on what is best to repair your phone. Remember that Applecare+ is not free as you have to pay a service charge to get your phone repaired.

Apple Warranty On Repair

The Apple limited warranty helps users repair their iPhones to tip-top shape, and this warranty lasts up to a year after you have bought your iPhone. The free fixing only covers damage to your phone caused during manufacturing. If your phone gets accidentally damaged, you have to suck it up and pay for it yourself. Warranties cover the iPhone batteries, which you can change if there is a defect unless it has been worn out over time.

Phone Repair For Android

Android phone repair may be a more complicated issue due to the number of brands and models. Not every Android phone provider will offer the same services, and if you have bought your phone from an official store, it makes things easier. You can buy a phone from an official store, but some people can get one for a cheaper rate from a third party.

Depending on the damage to your phone, the costs may vary. Brands like OnePlus or Samsung that are expensive may require you to dish out quite a few bucks only to change the screen. Things aren’t all that bad, though, as you have a plethora of phone repair shops to choose from if the official repair shops are charging you too much.

If you have brought your phone from official sources, you can bring it up to the nearest official store or repair center, and they will check it out to see what needs to be repaired.

Android Warranty On Repair

It might be time-consuming to look at all the different android brands. Let us check out what Samsung has to offer in terms of the warranty. When bought from an official Samsung store, you have a year’s worth of warranty available. Before you decide to head out to your nearest repair shop, ensure that you have the proper documentation, including the proof of purchase, to show you have bought your phone from official sources. If you have purchased your phone from an unauthorized source, your warranty will be null.

Most android brands offer the chance to increase the warranty period, but this requires you to get your warranty card registered. The time taken for your phone repairs does not fall under your warranty period. That is a plus point. For example, you may have eight months remaining in your warranty period. The time for phone repair is not included in those remaining eight months. Remember to log out of all your accounts when handing your phone in for service.

To ensure that you can get the best phone repair with a warranty, always bring the proof of warranty with you. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, most repair costs will fall under the service if the damage is not accidental. We hope you can use this information to fix your phone without any additional charges.

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Five Tips To Finding A Phone Repair Shop In Airport West


Smartphones. Our most used device in our daily life. It is impossible to imagine living one day without these trusty devices. Making calls, sending emails, guiding the city with GPS, taking photos, video-chatting with our loved ones, setting appointments. It is like our smartphones have become our life-support system to lead the day.
However, our phones are not indestructible. They can be destroyed easily, and it happens frequently. Fortunately, they can be repaired by taking them to a nearby repair shop. But in Airport West, there are many phone repair shops. Which one should you go to?
Here are some tips for finding the best phone repair shop in Airport West.

Five Tips To Finding A Phone Repair Shop In Airport West

When it comes to phone repairing, things are very risky and complex. The risk of repairing increases with the phone’s quality and price. For example, Apple iPhone 12 will cost significantly more than repairing an Apple iPhone 7. But the cost is not the only thing to consider. You will need to consider whether the shop has capable staff and machines to conduct the repairs or not. Otherwise, your iPhone 12 may get more damaged in the repair process. So it is important to choose a shop carefully.

So here are five tips for finding the best repair shop in Airport West.


The first tip for choosing a phone repair shop is to consider the quality of the phone repair shop and its services. It is not easy to benchmark a shop’s quality fairly. The best thing to do is guess by looking at the shop environment, the tools they have, and the work of the technicians in the shop.

Choose a phone repair shop with high-quality equipment and a clean work environment for repairing the phone. The better the shop quality, the higher the success rate of phone repair.

However, if you are looking for a phone repair shop for repairing your Apple products (iPhone, iPad), then it is best to visit an Apple-authorized service center. The Apple products now come with special safety features and protocols that can be accessed by Apple-authorized personnel only.

Years Of Experience

Years of experience is a tricky thing. Because having five years of experience does not necessarily mean that the shop has great quality. There are startups and one comer who may outshine them with more skilled technicians and advanced machines.

Regardless, it is always best to choose a repair shop that has a proven track record of successful repairs. So look for phone repair shops in Airport West that have been around for years and have successful track records of phone repairs.

Repair Warranty

How do you trust the work of the repair shop? With warranty. A good phone repair shop will provide a warranty for their repair work. This serves as proof that the shop is confident with its repair work and ready to accept responsibility if any error is found in its work.

So look for a phone repair shop in Airport West that provides warranties for their phone repairs.

Replacement Parts

This is one important tip for finding a good phone repair shop. The replacement parts/ spare parts that the shop will use to repair your phone should be new. Some shops will replace physically damaged phone parts with spare parts collected from another phone of the same model. While they may work, they are old. Meaning those repair parts can break down.

For example, let us consider mobile phone batteries replacement. If you are replacing an iPhone battery, and if the shop gives you a locally produced battery, then it won’t last well.

But if the shop used the original Apple iPhone battery replacement for the repair, then your iPhone could deliver good performance.

That is why you should consider what replacement part the shop will use. Of course, using original and genuine replacement parts will be costly, but the repair will be worth it.

Cost/ Affordability

Lastly, you must consider the cost of repair. We have mentioned at the beginning that the cost is likely to increase with the price of the phone. For example, a Samsung Galaxy A series phone will have less repair cost than the Samsung Galaxy S series.

So you need to keep that in mind. But the quality of repair, replacement parts, and warranty also play a role in pricing. You may sacrifice one or two of these things to find an affordable phone repair shop in Airport West.


So that was the five tips from us for finding a phone repair shop in Airport West, Melbourne CBD. Hopefully, you will find your perfect phone repair shop.

Here is one last tip from us. Do not go for cheap repairs. They won’t last for long and will cost you more visits to the repair store in the future. Instead, go for a moderately expensive repair with a warranty.


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Common Habits that are Ruining Your Phone’s Battery Life

battery replacement

Imagine you are thinking of purchasing a new phone. You have looked in-stores after stores to find your dream phone. Finally, you stumble onto a phone with a fantastic display and a real camera. It has every feature that you were searching for. Your joy knows no bounds. You instantly purchase the phone.

But the problem starts after using the phone for a couple of months. You soon begin to notice that the battery charge decreases quite fast. No matter how much you charge the battery, it drains, eventually leading you to spend on battery replacement. It might occur because of your bad habits. And that’s we’re going to cover in our article today. 

How Do Phone Batteries Die?

Nothing stays forever. Not even your phone battery. When you use your phone for the first time, there won’t be any problem with the battery. But gradually, the state of the battery will deteriorate after each use.

But what accelerates this process is heat. If the battery gets too much heat, then it will start to get damaged far more quickly. Either it can be by charging too much or leaving your phone under the sun.

Another cause is splashing your phone into the water. When water goes into your phone’s battery, it will start to hamper the battery’s normal function. You may need to get a battery replacement if it happens. 

Five Common Habits that are Ruining Your Phones Battery Life

You use your phone for a plethora of things. In this modern era, we hardly put our phones down even for a minute. So, it’s evident that the battery life won’t sustain much. But, the phone’s battery life gets ruined because of the mistakes that we make frequently. So, let’s check out the everyday habits that are ruining your phone’s battery life. 

1.Way Too Many Notifications

There are so many websites and apps nowadays. If we start to name them, this article will never reach its end. Whenever we turn on our data connection or Wi-Fi, we are bombarded with notifications from these apps and websites.

These apps often notify you about unnecessary things to promote themselves. These relentless notifications take a toll on the battery life. So, next time when you are downloading a new app, make sure you turn the notification alert option off. 

Only keep this option open for those apps that you genuinely need. It’ll significantly improve the battery’s health and save you from getting an iPhone battery replacement. . Even your phone’s performance will start to improve. 

2. High Brightness

We all have healthy, functional eyes. We don’t need to set the brightness too high. Most of the time, we put it so high that it can almost blind someone.

Adjusting the brightness to the maximum level heats your battery. Because of overheating, the battery slowly starts to die. That’s why there is an automatic brightness adjustment function in most phones. Make sure to use it consistently. Otherwise, you may need abattery replacement. 

3. Charging Overnight

Phones have a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. They charge much faster than typical batteries. Usually, it takes about one to two hours to charge a phone fully. However, waiting for the phone to charge is tedious.

That’s why many of us charge our phones overnight. We use our phones the entire day and plug them in to charge just before we go to bed. When we wake up, we have a fully charged phone in our hands. Although it sounds incredible, this has a significant effect on your phone’s battery life.

Let’s get one misconception out of the way first. Your battery can’t overcharge. So there is no risk of batteries getting burst because of charging past 100 percent. But it does have some problems.

So, when your phone reaches 100 percent, it won’t charge anymore. But your phone naturally loses charge on its own. So, whenever it loses a tiny bit of charge, the charger has to charge it back to its full potential.

It keeps on occurring the entire night. This bouncing back incident reduces the battery capacity, which stresses your battery. So try not to plug your phone into the charger for a long time. Otherwise, you will need a mobile battery service. 

4. Running the Battery Dry

Many of us are cautious about our phone’s battery. Therefore, we are quick to charge it as soon as it reaches 15 percent. But sometimes, we have to push it to the limit to do a little bit more work. Sometimes we keep on using it until the phone completely shuts down.

Although the phone will turn back on after recharging, this slowly hurts the battery life. When you discharge the battery to zero percent, it increases the mechanical degradation of the cathode.

If it continues to happen, then the battery will lose the ability to store energy. That’s why always remember to charge your phone when it goes below 15 percent. Otherwise, you will need a battery replacement.

5. Keeping Your GPS On

Your phone’s GPS is a fantastic tool that helps you locate and navigate different locations. But you don’t always need it. Some of us have a habit of keeping it on at all times.

Many even leave the Bluetooth and airplane mode on as well. It drains your phone’s battery life. The more apps you use, the more quickly your phone will lose charge. 

What to Do When Your Phone’s Battery Dies?

The first thing you should take your phone for is mobile battery service. Let the experts handle it. But if the condition is worse, then you have to get a battery replacement.

Final Thoughts

Your battery will not die so fast if you can break your bad habits. We know it’s not easy. But you have to realize that you are responsible for your phone’s condition. So, handle it carefully. If you manage to do it, then your phone will accompany you to its last breath.